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The Problem with Snapdragons and Speedwell The Problem with Snapdragons and Speedwell

The snap is out of the snapdragons. Do your snapdragons have a bad case of rust?

Orange colored spores on the back are a telltale sign. The spores pop and spread by wind or water to other snapdragon leaves. But it will not infect -different- plants. So for instance, snapdragon rust won't infect roses or vice versa. You can spray with wettable sulfur or fungicides early in the morning on sunny days. But sometimes it's better to cut your losses and pull the plant up by the roots. The snapdragons are too close together and too far gone. When you pull out stuff that has disease or virus, don't throw it in your compost pile. That could spread the infection. Instead, throw it away in the garbage. Most plants get sick when they are growing too close together (lack of air circulating around them) or when they aren't watered often enough. That makes the plant stressed.

The speedwell or "Veronica" can speed headlong for disaster when it is overplanted.

Since speedwell is a perennial I'll get another chance at this plant next year. Pruning will have to do in the meantime. If you find speedwell going sickly, try "picking off" the worst of the leaves. But if the plant is too far gone by the time you find it: Even chemical sprays won't save it. By sacrificing the leaves before it's too late, you can save the beautiful flowers for now. Veronica is a perennial... So Iíll cut it down after it flowers and try to keep my eye out for this problem -earlier- next year.

As you scan your garden... Try to identify problems before they take hold.

And learn from what Mother Nature dishes out.

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